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Social Media Management

‘We can help plan and execute your social media campaigns’

When people talk about the industrial revolution having changed the face of working lives in the 18th and 19th Centuries, nothing has been so pivotal as social media in the culmination of the technological revolution of the last thirty years. We are bombarded with audio and visual messages throughout our daily lives and the ‘Millenials’ and youth of today have got it sussed. Rarely does our daughter breathe now without taking a picture for Snapchat or Instagram! Our lives are played out like some dramatic soap opera for the world to see and comment on and if you are lucky you can remain unscathed by the experience!

However, it is not all doom and gloom. A lot of businesses, especially small businesses, can, and do, use social media very effectively. Used intelligently it can give you access to thousands, if not millions of people, with very little financial outlay – something that many traditional marketing and public relations’ channels would struggle to do.

Jocelyn began her career in public relations, and still firmly believes in a lot of the traditional forms of marketing. It is worth noting that social media is a channel of communication and thus is similar to advertising, having articles in journals etc. It is not a marketing strategy in its own right and thus needs careful planning to support existing marketing and public relations’ strategies. Like all communication channels, if you are planning a social media campaign, make sure its effectiveness is measurable and it fits in with other messages you are trying to send.

We have many years experience of marketing and public relations, and in recent years, as well as press liaison, event organisation, mail shots and advertising, we have also devised strategies around social media campaigns.