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Featured Websites

Here are some examples of work we have undertaken for clients. The featured websites illustrate our skills in website design; website maintenance – which includes security updates; copy writing (an integral factor in optimising a site for search engines); and social media connectivity.

Featured website #1 – a WordPress site

www.glutenfreetraining.co.uk – gluten free training for caterers
This site was designed to facilitate the selling of ‘Catering for a gluten free diet’ to organisations providing food. The site takes payment via Paypal. It also has a subscription element, so that users can sign up to receive updates to legal issues and new recipes / information.

It contains an RSS feed widget from www.delicious-devon.com to provide an updated list of places to eat in Devon that cater effectively for Gluten Free diets.

Featured website #2 – a WordPress site

www.delicious-devon.com – a foodies’ guide to eating out in Devon
The key to this site is the images and the blogging. We wanted a site that allowed the food to do the talking – after all it is a site all about the best food in Devon, but also a site that could provide useful information for both locals and visitors on where best to eat in the county.