A good website design is important for the user experience

Website Design

‘A solid website design is integral to a good business strategy’

We design websites both from scratch as well offering a re-design service, which can improve your existing website without going to the expense of a complete re-write.


Your website provides a world-wide arena to communicate with your audience 24/7. It’s also incredibly flexible since it can be accessed via a number of different devices.

A well-designed website must communicate your message quickly and simply through meaningful first impressions, that differentiate you from the competition, help solve problems, boost brand awareness and ultimately add value to the bottom line.

The design brief

Today’s audiences are very demanding and they need to be serviced on many levels. They want to be excited by your offering, they want it to be value for money and they want it to be ‘packaged’ in a socially responsible way – that’s a tall order for the design brief.

Clear and concise design always comes out on top. In a world where the technological growth curve seems to be exponential, it’s easy to go wild and lose sight of what’s really important. The design process must take into account the user experience or UX for short. Essentially, a good designer will put themselves into the shoes of the user and take a journey through the site to understand what the user wants to glean from each page and how you can steer the user at the end to make a purchase whatever product or service you are selling.

Visually appealing

Slick typography, striking images and a visually appealing colour scheme will get you started, but there is so much more you can do. So, how do you want your website to look? What’s important is to create a design that is ‘fit-for-purpose’, don’t try to incorporate too many functions, especially if they serve no useful purpose.

A re-design

If you’re considering a re-design for your existing site? An excellent place to start might be the colour palette. Once you have you have decided on your new-look palette, it’s quite simple to implement and you don’t have to completely re-design your website to achieve your goal. Another area to consider might be your emotional connection with the user. If you don’t connect your website will easily get lost – there are several connectors, but two of the more obvious ones are joy and sadness. Appropriate imagery and content can help you connect – a smile is far more pleasing to the eye than a frown.