Good content is great for websites

Content writing and blogging

‘Good content is key for an effective website’

In SEO circles (yes I do mix in them!) the big thing now is content, content and more content, so much so that we felt it deserved its own page! Google has done some really clever things with its algorithms, so that it recognises the difference between good content and bad content. No longer are web programmers able to put keyword after keyword in copy in order to boost rankings. The content has to be meaningful, reflect the page that it’s on and mostly not be repetitive.

Good content

Websites that have fresh, well-written content are far more interesting for someone to read and Google recognises this and awards sites with its rankings accordingly. Also they make the reader want to come back and re-visit the site, so it’s worth updating the content regularly, changing the pictures and adding new articles of interest frequently to make them want to return many times.


Another good way to do this is via blogging. It seems that everyone in today’s world is an expert blogger! Some kids make millions from doing it. I’m not suggesting that we all pick up a pen/keyboard and become bloggers for a living (we can’t be all Dickens and Austen), however in business terms, it is a very good way to add new content to your site.