Maintaining a healthy website keeps your business in shape

About us

‘Maintaining a healthy website keeps your business in shape’

We have extensive website design experience having designed, developed and maintained several websites since 1996. Our skill set includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Weebly.  This means that we can either build sites from scratch, or use one of the million or so pre-coded templates to best showcase your business.

Our skills in website design range from:

  • assisting small businesses by adding minor functionality such as relevant ‘Calls to Action’ or providing linkable email addresses / phone numbers and / or Social Media pages;
  • to complete re-builds for established businesses.

IT services

We have many years’ experience in all IT related services. Whether you need your software updating, your hardware fine-tuning, your website developing and maintaining, or just some documents produced, we have the necessary skills and can be your floating IT specialists. For more information about our outsource IT services please see our dedicated website

A combination of skills

We have a good combination of IT, print management, marketing and public relations’ skills. This means we are not only capable of designing, developing and maintaining a website, but this can form an integral part of a broader marketing strategy. For more information about all our services, please look at